Mananeeya Bhideji

Below is a letter Bhideji wrote and was read at the closing ceremony of the Vishwa Vibhag Shibir 2000, when He was in His last days. "Let me take leave of You"

" We have assembled here on the premises of Keshav Srishti. Keshav Srishti is a very significant expression, especially for us. We have to make it all the more significant in its true sense for the world by our performance.

After the time-honoured directions for the mankind along the precepts of the Vedas, the rishis, Maharshi Vyasa, Buddha Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Adi Shankaracharya and Swami Vivekananda Parampoojaneeya Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar has been able to translate those precepts into practice and that is what we have to prove by our performance.

Keshav Srishti is the focal point from where we have to reach the message to the world. Keshav buried himself in the universal soil to spring up in off-shoots to create as if a new world. It is Keshav's Srishti (creation). Can each one of us follow him and help his creations grow.

This magnificient complex is brought up with this idea. It is now a concern not only of the Sangh or Bharat but of everyone who calls himself a Hindu to maintain, embellish and develop it in content and spirit.

Our esteemed adhikaris, namely, Shri Guruji, Shri Balasaheb, Ma Eknathji Ranade, Bhaurao, Madhavrao, Yadavraoji and a host of others like revered Varnekarji, Madhav Banhattiji, Bapurao Varadpande, Vinayakrao Phatak whom we had the privilege to know personally and the whole of our generation of swayamsevaks followed them and have achieved the present states. Can we assure that we will sustain it dedicatedly.

May God grant us the strength to usher in the principled change of a cherished value-based way of human life. The Sarsanghchalak and his team of adhikaris are with us by Providence to guide us in future so what we can say Vernekarji has described the same in Sanskrit. Now about my personal submission, I request the adhikaris and all of you will kindly excuse me. 

A swayamsevak is supposed to have nothing personal. Everything that he possesses is society's. But still while wandering along the vast expanse of the world one develops certain contacts which have a personal aspect.

Incidentally I had the privilege of moving around the world for organisational work and I am fortunate that I came in contact with so many of you giving me what guided me through life. I would like to express my gratitutde for the same may be pardoned for any wrong committed even inadvertantly.

I would also like to request you to continue the close ties of love and affection in future. I so keenly wanted to be a part of the shibir as an active swayamsevak. But Providence has something else in its plan for the future.

Fifteen days back I had a severe attack of fever and that has made me so weak that I almost lost my strength of speech. I had to be operated upon for feeding through my stomach. This is a clear indication by the Almighty that now this body may not last long.

This is a common phenomenon for all mortals and I am not worried about it. As the poet Govind has said 'The loss of the body is sure to brighten me up. I only seek your kind permission to leave'.

Almighty God has given this body 82 long years to work. Fortunately I had the opportunity as a swayamsevak to work for the cherished goal of Keshav Srishti. My generation has made its contribution. Now this body is decaying and I had better shed it in time. Sant Jnaneshwar thought he had completed his life's mission at the age of 21 and got permission from his guru and elder brother to leave the world and enter samadhi. Shankaracharya did the same at the age of 32. Swami Vivekananda did it at the age of 39. Please bless me with all your love and affection and allow me to depart peacefully".