Geet Spardha Nairobi

Geet Spardha

The Nairobi Vibhag had its first Geet Spardha at the Sunday Sammilit Shakha on 24 March. 10 Shakhas participated in this.

At 7.15 am, after Dhwaja Ropanam, all sat down in DDB Hall. The Spardha was held by the Bauddhik Vibhag of Nbi, coordinated by Niraj Makwana (Bauddhik Pramukh Nbi Vibhag) All sang wonderfully, and with a lot of enthusiasm.

After the Spardha, Mananeeya Chandrakantji (our Sangh Pracharak) gave a small talk of Sangh Geet & its importance. He firstly congratulated all the participants. Sangh Geet is not a song as like Bollywood. It has a deeper meaning and one should understand the meaning.

A Sangh Geet is equivalent to a Bauddhik. The meaning of many a Geet have inspired 100s of Karyakartas in times of hardship, motivated them to go and work out of the comfort zone, and even made Pracharaks.

Out of the so many Geet, one should select One Geet as My Geet. Learn its lyrics and meaning by heart. After Prarthna all had a sumptuous breakfast of Mandazi and Bharazi {traditional Swahili Breakfast}