Shraddanjali to P P Swami Satyamitranandji

It is with very sad heart that we learnt the passing away of Param Pujaneeya Swami Satyamitranand Giriji Maharaj from this mortal world and entered the status of Brahmaleen (eternal bliss) on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at Hardwar.

Swamiji was a spiritual giant of the modern times. He was a social guide par excellence to the whole global Hindu diaspora with his wisdom and farsight encompassing the past, present and future of the Hindu Dharma and Sanskriti (culture).

From very young age he was attracted to spiritual life and at the age of 27, he was endowed with the status of Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath Upapeeth of Bhanpura which he relinquished in 1969 in order to devote his life to worldwide propagation and promotion of Sanatan Dharma. He started his overseas trips in early 1960s with first visit to Kenya. His magnetic personality and powerful oratory attracted thousands of committed followers across the globe which led to the founding of Samanvay Parivaar and its branches in various countries.

In his ceaseless work of promotion and spread of Sanatan Dharma, he became instrumental and guide in establishing numerous organisations which worked for the unity of Hindus. He was a guiding principle to many Sangh Organisations around the world especially Kenya

On Sunday, 30 June, HSS & HCK jointly held a Shraddhanjali Karyakram at Deendayal Bhavan to pay respects and remember the great Shankracharya, Param Pujaneeya Swami Satyamitrananda Giriji Maharaj, held at Deendayal Bhavan, from 4 to 5 pm The Karyakram began with a recital of a Swamiji favourite Bhajan.

Brahmaji Seedhar (Jyestha Sadasya, Kendriya Toli HSSKenya) spoke at length about Swamiji, citing various inspiring and thought-provoking episodes from Swamiji’s life.

He mentioned that the foundation stone of Sangh Karyalay Nairobi was laid by Swamiji in 1968.

He also said that it was through Swamijis inspiration that the Hindu Council of Kenya was formed in 1973.

Shri Muljibhai Pindolia (previous Chairman and Trustee of Hindu Council of Kenya) gave his recollection of his few interactions with the great Saint. He said that Swamiji would not take any of the donations for his own self.

His departure will be a great loss to the spiritual world and a great vacuum in the lives of countless devotees.

His teachings and guidance will always be an inspiring legacy for future generations. Lastly all prayed together to the Almighty to grant eternal bliss to the departed soul and may it continue to guide and inspire us in spirit.